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Twotone offers unique entertainment for bespoke events. 

By seamlessly combining DJ & live drums, we are able to perform one of a kind mixes, with a live element unlike any other. 

We are the perfect all-in-one entertainment package for all kinds of events, from weddings to corporate do's, and everything in between. We come fully self-contained, and are a great option for people who want both a classic DJ service and live music at their event. 

We pride ourselves on being welcoming, inclusive and mindful of client needs, with a passion for good music at the core of what we do, We are experts in reading dancefloors, and come with tens of thousands of songs to hand. Requests both in advance and during the performance are more than welcome. 

We are both professional DJ's and musicians in their own rights. We have over a decade of industry experience, DJing at hundreds of events, including weddings, parties and corporate events.


As musicians,  we have a wealth of experience, including international touring, festivals, recording and commercial TV (BBC/Channel 4/BT sport) & radio (Radio 1/XFM).

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