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Covid-19 Update

Whilst we are all feelings the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, few industries have been hit harder than the wedding and events sector. Thousands of events and weddings have already either been postponed or cancelled entirely, and it’s likely to continue with the uncertainty about local lockdowns and risk of outbreaks.

However, we are now beginning to see some smaller events and weddings taking place. Although the road to recovery is undoubtedly going to be a long one, this is a promising sign for both the industry and audiences.

Rest assured we’re doing everything we can to adapt to the constantly changing climate. We’ll always adhere to the latest government guidelines, maintain social distancing at events, and offer our clients flexible bookings* in this difficult time.

Flexible bookings* - Any wedding or event that has to either postpone or cancel due to Covid-19 will not be charged with the usual cancellation fees (please see FAQs - Can I cancel/re-arrange a booking?). Deposits will be transferable to a new date if the event needs to be postponed.

For up-to-date government guidelines about Covid 19 & events, please read here:

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